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Use this page to access your Wolfgang Puck corporate mailbox via the web.

Here are generic instructions for configuring Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora

POP/IMAP/SMTP Instructions:

username: your FULL email address - joe.smith@wolfgangpuck.com
password: your password

My incoming mail service is a POP3 server.
Incoming Mail (POP3): pop.everyone.net
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): smtp.everyone.net
My incoming mail service is a IMAP server.
Incoming Mail (IMAP): imap.everyone.net
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): smtp.everyone.net

Incoming Mail Server:
DISABLE: Log on using Secure Password Authentification (SPA)

Outgoing Mail Server:
ENABLE: My Server Requires Authenification

Server Port Numbers:
Outgoing mail (SMTP): 2525
Incoming Mail (POP3): 110
Outgoing mail (SMTP): 2525
Incoming Mail (IMAP): 143

To access support, go to the Help section of your web-based mailbox.